BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport residents could see a large hike in taxes if the budget released by Mayor Bill Finch Tuesday is approved.

Finch blames bad budgeting by his predecessor for the current state of the city?s finances. He says he's taking a more business-like approach to running the city in order to put it on firm financial footing. However, he says that means tax increases now, to the tune of 9 percent.

The budget includes cuts to services like libraries and school health clinics. Finch took the opportunity to explain the budget further at an event Wednesday, telling residents and the press that former Mayor John Fabrizi?s administration budgeted revenues that were not there.

Councilman Robert Curwen (D-138th District) says that?s not the problem, citing last year?s balanced books. He says for the past nine years the government has used one-time revenues to balance the budget. Finch says he wants to do away with that practice.

Finch says the tax hike and service cuts will put the city in a better position in years to come. The budget committee has until May 13 to return the budget to Finch with any adjustments.