BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport mayoral candidate Mary Jane Foster filed a lawsuit today to try and overturn a decision that's keeping her name off of next month's Democratic primary ballot.

Earlier this week, city officials refused to certify Foster's nominating petitions. Foster is hoping to force a Democratic primary against current Mayor Bill Finch.

Foster claims the reason her petitions were rejected was because they included an extra candidate for the Board of Education, which isn't permitted under state law.

She says she had asked the city's Democratic Registrar Santa Ayala, the same person who rejected her petitions days later, how to add a fourth candidate, and at that time was told she was doing everything properly.

The registrar has not returned several phone calls and was not in the office when News 12 Connecticut went there this morning.

The state Election Enforcement Commission says it approved an investigation into the registrar's decision.

A rally was also held in front of City Hall Annex tonight, right outside the city's Registrar of Voters Office.

Foster denied spot on Bridgeport mayoral ballot