BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport woman says her life has been disrupted by the Department of Social Services closing its regional office for the second day in a row due to air conditioning problems.

La-Tonia Johnson told News 12 Connecticut that she came to the office Wednesday and Thursday to get her food stamps activated and her Medicaid prescriptions only to find the office was still closed.

Officials with the Department of Social Services say crews were working to repair the air conditioning problems earlier today. They say they advised people to go to the other service points in the state or to get help from the department's website.

Johnson says she has medical issues and needs to have her medicine. She also says that she is dependent on her food stamps and cannot feed her 8-year-old son without them.

Officials say they are currently working with Johnson to see how they can help her.

News 12 is told that the air conditioning in the office has been fixed and the center will be back up and running Friday.