BRIDGEPORT - A registered nurse's aide from Bridgeport spoke publicly for the first time today regarding her journey into homelessness.

Liz Toney, a mother of three and certified nurse's aide for two decades, has fallen into homelessness and fears she will soon be out on the street.

After Toney lost her home several months ago, she says she has been  forced to live in inexpensive motels whenever possible. Toney says if she doesn't find a suitable living environment soon, she could lose her children.

According to Donna Romano, of the Bridgeport Rescue Mission, Toney makes $16 an hour, which is not enough to support a family. Romano also says that the high cost of living in southwestern Connecticut is a major factor in causing employed people to become homeless.

Local experts say the number of people like Toney, who have a job but can't afford to live, is growing.