BRIDGEPORT - Police and community leaders in Bridgeport continued their efforts Thursday to crack down on violence in the city's public housing complexes by increasing security in the neighborhoods.

Police and local leaders met at the Greene Homes Housing Complex to discuss what they're doing to fight crime in the neighborhood.

They say their latest anti-violence initiative will include installing security cameras at the complex.

State Rep. Chris Rosario says there's been shootings in the area in the past and drug trafficking as well. 

“Kind of a hotspot for the recent shootings and violence in the city of Bridgeport,” says Rosario.

Officials say they could install about 30 cameras by the summer.

"Cameras have been installed. It is a process. This is just the beginning here," says Police Chief A.J. Perez.

In addition, police say they're adding two more patrol officers in complex. It's part of a plan announced by the mayor earlier this year.