BRIDGEPORT - There is concern in Bridgeport over possible state legislation to let off-duty police officers serve arrest warrants on parents who do not pay child support.

News 12 Connecticut spoke with a group of officials who say there are not enough sheriffs and marshals to serve arrest warrants on all of the parents in Bridgeport who do not pay child support. They want off-duty police officers to step in and pick up the slack.

Sheriffs and marshals, however, say the plan takes work away from them and cannot be practically put into action for a number of reasons.

If the bill is passed, off-duty officers would serve the warrants on a volunteer basis and receive about $240 for every warrant served.

Bridgeport officials say they appreciate the spirit of the bill to get parents to pay back child support, but say the police department is still studying the measure and has not yet decided whether to support it.