BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport police announced a new initiative Monday to get the community's help to fight crime.

Officers say they are going to start handing out tip line cards at crime scenes, in hopes that people with information about the crime with call.

Detectives say often at crimes scenes, people are hesitant to come forward with information.

Last year, nine people were shot and one of them died at the Trumbull Gardens Housing Complex, but police say they struggled to find witnesses who would help their investigation.

Police say you can remain anonymous when calling the tip line at 203-576-TIPS, and the confidential information provided can help make neighborhoods safer.

“The tip will be recorded on an audio file and then the dispatch supervisor will email that file to the affected division within the police department," says Capt. Brian Fitzgerald. "So if it's a narcotics issue, it will go to narcotics. If it's crime information about a homicide or robbery, it will go to the detective bureau."

Police say they are planning to put the information on billboards on the highway as well as on the back on every police cruiser in the city.