BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport police and the FBI are investigating a case of Internet harassment against a Bridgeport woman.

Leslie Wilborn says an ex-boyfriend has been creating Facebook pages under her name, and then using them to damage her reputation.

Wilborn says the harassment has been going on for about a year, harming her and her business, the George Peterson Funeral Home.

Though at first glance the page might appear legitimate, it actually reads more like a steamy ad in the personal section of a newspaper. Some posts claim that Wilborn drinks, will have sex and uses drugs.

According to Wilborn, Facebook has taken the page down every time she has reported it, but a short time later it has always returned under a different name.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal reported this case to the FBI because it deals with harassment over the Internet.

Investigators have told Wilborn that they are actively looking for her ex-boyfriend, who she says has violated the restraining order against him by continuing to text her.