BRIDGEPORT - Another man was shot Tuesday at Bridgeport's Trumbull Gardens public housing complex.

The shooting comes after nine people were shot at the complex less than a month ago. Investigators say a man was shot at least five times in today's shooting.

Housing Authority Director Lee Byers says that nearly $200,000 in new security cameras will be installed at every Bridgeport public housing complex within three months.

Teams of police are now in place nightly at Trumbull Gardens, although many residents claim they do little.

The Bridgeport Housing Authority says it needs to raise $200 million just to get facilities where they need to be.

"The Housing Authority in Bridgeport has been underfunded and poorly managed," says Byers. "We have to do more."

The cameras will first go up on top of high-rises so that police can get a bird's-eye view. Eventually, they will go up on poles as well.

Byers also says the Housing Authority will be much more aggressive about identifying problem tenants and evicting them.