BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport police announced Friday that they have launched an internal affairs investigation into racially charged letters they recently received.

Police say they found the racially charged letters left on several vehicles, including police cars, last weekend. The vehicles were parked in a part of the lot that isn't recorded on security cameras.

They say it's the second time they've found such letters on police department property in the last nine months.

The letter includes "White Power" in large letters at the top and the names of five police officers. It also appears to target officers who are part of an organization of minority law enforcement agents and declares that some black officers "belong in the toilet."

Investigators say the letter uses the stationary of Police Chief Joseph Gaudett and alleges to be signed by Assistant Chief James Nardozzi.

Police say the signatures are false, and they find it offensive.

Sgt. Chuck Paris, the President of the Bridgeport Police Union, says he's disappointed that no action has been taken yet in the case of the first letter.

"Our officers' names have been spread across the country saying that we're a racist department, which is the farthest from the truth that there is, and we need our names to be cleared," Paris says.

The Bridgeport Police Department has reported the incident to state prosecutors.

Officers named in the letter did not respond to News 12's requests for comment.