BRIDGEPORT - An armed man in a Bridgeport restaurant this week has police calling for changes to a Connecticut law.

The man was displaying a gun, but refused to show police his permit when asked. It happened Monday at a Subway sandwich shop in downtown Bridgeport.

Video of the incident has gone viral and been posted online by multiple news outlets. It depicts police asking the man if they can see his permit. He refuses by saying that he has rights.

According to state law, when someone is openly carrying a weapon, they do not have to show a permit unless a police officer has reasonable suspicion to request it. On Thursday, Bridgeport police met with lawmakers to see if that law is open to interpretation.

Officers say they do not feel like they can properly do their jobs with such a law in place and want it changed.

In the Subway incident, the armed man was not arrested, but the store manager refused to serve him.