BRIDGEPORT - A motorcyclist was killed in Bridgeport Sunday afternoon when his bike collided with a pickup truck on Boston Avenue.

Investigators say 30-year-old Roberto Dos Santos was riding his bike alongside another motorcyclist when the accident occurred. As the pair approached Orchard Street, Dos Santos crashed into a pickup truck, flipped off of his bike and was sent hurtling through the air.

His head smashed into a rock as he came to rest. An ambulance rushed to the scene, but Dos Santos was pronounced dead.

Authorities say the accident was captured on surveillance video from a shop across the street. The footage shows that the second motorcyclist narrowly missed becoming involved in the crash.

Police have not released details on the identity of the pickup truck driver, but they say that no charges have been filed at this time.. They are continuing to investigate whether speed was a factor.

Neighbors are calling for a traffic light to alleviate what they call dangerous conditions in the area.

For more from the crash scene, watch the clip to the left or click News 12 Extra on Optimum TV channel 612.