BRIDGEPORT - Police in Bridgeport are still searching for a hit-and-run driver who allegedly struck a young boy on a bicycle yesterday and then put him in his car and drove off. The accident happened shortly after 4 p.m. yesterday near the intersection of Hazelwood and Wood avenues. Sentra and Andy Farkas were outside filming a video when they say the driver ran over the child, and immediately took him from the street. "He just throws him in the right side of the car, in the passenger side," said Sentra Farkas. "He picks up the bike, and he throws the bike in the back of the car." Neither witness says he was able to get the driver's license plate number, but they identified the car as a silver Mercedes sedan. Police say local hospitals did not treat any children with injuries matching the description, and that there are no missing person reports to suggest it was an abduction. Anyone with information is urged to call Bridgeport police at 203-581-5100.

Witnesses: Driver hits child, takes off with him in his car