BRIDGEPORT - A stolen radioactive dosimeter was found at a pawn shop, according to Bridgeport police.

Police say the Troxler 3440 nuclear dosimeter was found at East Coast Pawn on Glenwood Avenue after it was stolen from the home of an employee of the Haks engineering company.

The dosimeter is used to measure soil density at construction sites. Officials say they were particularly concerned because it has radioactive elements.

Officials say a technician for Haks took the equipment home with him Monday night on Douglas Street, and it was stolen from the trunk of his car.

The suspect, Bridgeport resident Carlos Hernandez, also stole the victim's debit card and used it at a Redbox location in a Walgreens parking lot, according to police.

Police assured the public that it would take someone with a degree of expertise to be able to manipulate the device into something that could be extremely hazardous to the public.