BRIDGEPORT - Gov. Dannel Malloy says he's determined to keep crime down with his Second Chance Society reforms.  However, budget cuts have scrapped services at a Bridgeport program that helps former criminals get a fresh start after prison. 

Noel Miletes is one of thousands of former prisoners who say they have successfully re-entered society thanks to help from Family ReEntry in Bridgeport. Miletes served 40 months behind bars for breaking into homes and stealing to feed a serious drug addiction.

But Miletes says he was able to find himself again and get a job thanks to the counseling and mentoring that he received from others who walked similar paths at Family ReEntry.

Family ReEntry officials say they've been helping people released from prison for more than 30 years. 

Their clients say they're afraid if their programs are cut, former inmates' chances of success will be much lower.

Miletes says he is thankful someone finally gave him a job.  He has been working for an alcohol distributor loading trucks for over a year.  

He says if he wasn't given a second chance, he doesn't know where he would be.