BRIDGEPORT - Many in the Bridgeport community are coming together to help the family of a 14-year-old boy who police say was an innocent bystander killed during a shooting on Christmas Eve.

The Good Shepherd Church on Hancock Avenue, just a short distance from where Luis Colon was shot Thursday evening, is taking collections from parishioners to give to Colon's family.

Rev. Simon Castillo says it is important for the community to rally around the family and for the people of Bridgeport to support them in every possible way.

Some members of Bridgeport's City Council say they are making sure the family has whatever resources are available to help them.

Mayor Joe Ganim met with Colon's family Sunday morning and made an appeal for the public to help them.

"I think through this tragedy, hopefully you'll find this is a loving community that wants to be supportive," says Mayor Ganim.

Colon's mother says she is keeping the faith and that she is appreciative of the help the city is offering her at this very sad time.

City officials say there will be a candlelight vigil Monday at 6 p.m. in front of 1156 State St. where Colon died.