BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport residents say a project aimed at building a boat storage facility for Bass Pro Shops has eclipsed a plan to build a grocery store in the community.

East End residents spoke out against the Steelpointe Development Project Thursday, which they say was never approved by the Bridgeport City Council.

City officials told News 12 that the council has no jurisdiction over the construction of the boat storage facility because the property is owned by the Bridgeport Port Authority.

City officials say most of the lot is still set aside for a grocery store and they hope to get a major food chain to build one on the site soon.

Residents told News 12 that they never had a major grocery store and that they've been trying to get one built in the neighborhood for years. They say they may take legal action to stop the construction of the boat storage facility.

Officials say the boat storage area will include a public walkway, fishing platform and boat ramp.