BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim addressed residents' concerns today over an increase in their property taxes. 

Some residents of the city's Black Rock neighborhood confronted city officials at a heated city council meeting last night saying they're being hit particularly hard.

Mayor Ganim said he appreciates the hundreds of residents who came out to city hall last night to protest the recent mill rate hike. 

Some residents called for city officials to step down. They say they are frustrated after the mill rate went up from 42 to 54 to make up for declining property values. 

They say this wasn't what they expected from an administration that during its political campaign had promised to decrease taxes.

Some residents have called for an independent financial control board to manage the city's finances. 

But, Mayor Ganim says the situation was the unfortunate result of a state mandated revaluation, which took place last year.

Ganim says the previous administration--under former Mayor Bill Finch--deferred revaluation in 2013--leaving his administration to deal with the consequences.

Mayor Ganim says he’d like to work with residents to find solutions to lower taxes.