BRIDGEPORT - Incoming Bridgeport mayor Joe Ganim has promised to crack down on crime, but the police union says to do that will require a new police chief.

Sgt. Chuck Paris, the Bridgeport police union president, says the union is looking for changes, including a new chief. He says he's nearly certain that current Police Chief Joe Gaudett is on his way out.

Paris says staffing is low at the Bridgeport Police Department and that morale is even lower. Meanwhile, he says, violent crime is on the rise, including this summer's mass shooting at the Trumbull Gardens housing projects.

Ganim rode the public safety issue to victory on Tuesday. He says he wants more officers on the streets.

However, current recruits won't finish training for at least a year. The police union says it hopes Ganim will raise salaries and benefits to lure officers from other departments.

Ganim has remained silent on who will be the new police chief. However, most eyes are on Chief Detective A.J. Perez, who campaigned hard for him.

Paris says Perez would be an outstanding chief.

News 12 was not able to reach Perez for comments.  

Mayor-elect Joe Ganim will take office in less than a month.