BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport school officials are working on new ways to increase teacher retention as many areas in Connecticut face a shortage of qualified math instructors.

The Bridgeport Board of Education met Monday night to discuss the district’s issue of keeping quality teachers in the classroom.

Bridgeport Superintendent Fran Rabinowitz addressed the issue at the meeting held at Cesar A. Batalla School.

"Resources, books, curriculum, all of those are important but the teacher is most important," says Superintendent Rabinowitz.

Superintendent Rabinowitz says the district has already lost 20 educators since the beginning of the school year.

Board members say teacher retention has been a problem for years.

Rabinowitz says a math teacher at one of the high schools recently gave a 30-day notice to leave her position at the school, leaving the board no choice but to use a substitute for the time being.

Jessica Gonzalez, a 2014 Harding High School graduate, addressed the current struggles she now has since her math teacher left years ago.

"I struggled in math because my sophomore year my geometry teacher decided to leave and was never replaced," says Gonzalez 

Rabinowitz says giving all students the best opportunities in education is worth everything.