BRIDGEPORT - The hot weather hit many Bridgeport students particularly hard Wednesday because many of the city's schools lack air conditioning.

Mayor Bill Finch's office says about half of the city's schools are not air conditioned. Students at Harding High School tell News 12 Connecticut that they had trouble concentrating today with their classrooms being so hot. Tyron Killings, a junior at the school, says what makes it worse is not all the classrooms have fans and the windows do not open wide.

The students aren't the only ones who say they are suffering. Cafeteria worker Maria Jensen says it got so bad for her today that she had to periodically walk out of the kitchen or even go into the walk-in freezer to cool down.

Finch says the city is trying to modernize schools and the state is reviewing plans for a new Harding High School. The Bridgeport Board of Education says it needs more resources in order to provide air conditioning to its students.