BRIDGEPORT - The Bridgeport Planning and Zoning Commission voted unanimously Monday night to go forward with plans to move the Connecticut terminal of the Long Island ferry.

The terminal will move across the Pequonnock River to Seaview Avenue in the city's East End neighborhood. The proposed site is 18 acres and connects to the new shops and restaurants in Steelpointe Harbor.

"The ferry will have the opportunity to increase ridership, increase demand," says Bridgeport Economic Development Director David Kooris.

Some ferry riders say the move will cut them off from the nearby Metro-North station. However, Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch says there will not be a significant loss of connectivity. He says studies have shown that many people usually do not take the ferry to access the railroad.

Officials say the new location is further out on the harbor, which will shorten the total trip time by about 15 minutes, as well as save gas. They say boats could begin docking at the new terminal within two years.