BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport Interim School Superintendent Fran Rabinowitz thanked a Park City woman Saturday for helping the Board of Education offset a critical shortage in one basic supply.

Resident Latricia Brown, 34, says she was shocked to find out that the budget cuts had affected the supply of Xerox paper teachers are allowed to use.

Brown collects and donates the paper on her own time to Bridgeport public schools that are in need.

Brown says she is a child of the Bridgeport Public School system and wanted to pay it forward.

She says she began by buying a few reams of paper and dropping it off at Bridgeport schools. Over time, her campaign turned into a much larger movement, with other parents following her example.

"I started by buying my own box first so I led by example, and then I posted it on Facebook and it got lots of shares and people just started ordering," she says.

Rabinowitz says she is grateful to Brown for helping Bridgeport students get a critical resource through a very different kind of paper drive.