HARTFORD - A proposed state budget put forth by Democrats has been approved in committee.

The Budget-Writing Committee passed the spending plan 38-16 Wednesday. Supporters of the plan said it increases state funding to programs like food banks and state parks. Democrats said it also spends $110 million less than the budget proposed by Gov. Jodi Rell (R), which is critical in light of a slowing economy.

"It's important that state government needs to respond in some way to what we think may be the fragility of the citizens of the state," said Rep. Denise Merrill (D-Storrs).

Republicans, however, want to double-check the math.

"There is a contrary view that the numbers being put forward by the Appropriations Committee and the Democrats are incorrect," said Rep. Larry Cafero (R-Norwalk).

A compromise budget is expected to be reached between the governor and Democrats by the end of the legislative session.