STAMFORD - Despite the severe recession, the management of Buffalo Wild Wings chain decided to take a risk and open a new restaurant in Stamford.

Buffalo Wild Wings manager Anthony Nelson says although people are spending less, his restaurant with a staff of around 100 employees will thrive during the financial crisis.

"We have a low cost for our food items, but we don't have a low-cost environment," he says.

Buffalo Wild Wings is scheduled to open Saturday at its Summer Street location, in the heart of downtown Stamford. Stamford Downtown Special Services District's Sandy Goldstein says the restaurant will add to the city's vibrancy.

"People who go to the movies and go to the theatre eat" he says. "So with all that, you have a great environment to open up a restaurant."

As part of an opening day promotion, Nelson says the first 100 customers will receive six free chicken wings a week for one year. Wing connoisseurs are expected to begin gathering outside the restaurant at around 3 a.m.