NORWALK - Pit bull advocates Bully Breed Rescues is speaking out in support of the breed following the violent dog attack that hospitalized a Wilton woman on Monday.

Heidi Lueders, president of Bully Breed Rescue, says that while the incident has brought a lot of negative attention to the breed, it isn’t fair to blame the dog for what happened.

“There’s no such thing as a bad dog. There is only a bad owner,” she says.

Other members of the rescue group say that it’s all about how a dog is trained and treated.

Sources say that the pit bull that attacked 65-year-old Anne Murray ate her hands before it was later shot by police. The woman lost one arm and part of another in the attack.

Police would not confirm that the dog bit off her hands, but say that Murray remains in the intensive care unit at Norwalk Hospital.