BRIDGEPORT - Several Bridgeport residents say their homes were hit by a burglar Saturday.

Residents say thousands of dollars worth of items were stolen, including jewelry, TV sets, stereos and clothing.

One woman, who asked not to be identified, said somebody broke into her house through a window and stole virtually everything she had that could easily be sold. She lives on Pearl Harbor Street in the Boston Avenue Mill Hill area.

“This is just a horrible, horrible thing,” she told News 12. “We work so hard for our money to get the little bit that we have.”

She says whoever broke into her house also burglarized the home next-door at about the same time.

Caesar Valdera, who lives in the same neighborhood, says he recently found a man in his backyard, apparently casing out his house.

Police say they are investigating several burglaries in the area. Anyone with information about the burglaries is urged to call police.