MILFORD - Some Burmese immigrants living in southwestern Connecticut say they want to help their family members following last week?s devastating cyclone in Myanmar, but can?t due to the country?s leaders.

Myanmar?s military leaders continue to refuse most outside help as survivors of the cyclone wait for food and medical supplies.

One Burmese immigrant sat down with News 12 Connecticut for an interview on the condition that his location, name and face are not revealed on television. The man says he could be put to death if his whereabouts are found out by the Myanmar government.

The man, only identified as Phone, is a political dissident. He says since the cyclone, all he can do is wonder about the family he left behind. Phone feels the cyclone was more devastating than the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia in 2004. According to Phone, it is difficult to call home to speak with his parents and brother. However, he did receive word on Thursday that his family members are alive.