STAMFORD - A Stamford sandwich shop owner says the city is trying to bully him into taking his store?s signs down.

The issue is being raised at Fratelli Market on Cedar Heights Road. Shop owner David Squibb says earlier this week, someone from the city warned him to take down his outside signs or face a $95 fine each day they're in front of his store.

Outraged by the threat, Squibb wrote letters to the city, claiming the signs bring in hundreds of customers. He's angry that during these tough economic times, the city is looking for ways to cut his already-struggling bottom line.

Stamford city leaders, however, say the two black signs with neon writing violate an ordinance and pose a risk to drivers.

The city's director of operations, Ben Barnes, says rules are rules. However, he says he?s willing to work with Squibb.