BYRAM - A Byram thrift store is offering teenagers a chance to go green with their wardrobes.

Mint, a new second-hand store, is specifically targeting the demographic. The store is encouraging youngsters to reuse old clothing at a cheaper price than buying new.

The store was opened last September. Mint?s owners say shopping at the store doesn?t just save money, but also the environment. Co-owner Randi Henry says shopping secondhand extends a piece of clothing?s life and saves the raw materials needed to produce new products.

Mint also offers incentives to customers willing to donate old clothing instead of tossing it in the trash. Patrons who donate mint condition clothes get 40 percent of the transaction when a sale is made. If the piece doesn?t attract any attention from shoppers, Mint donates it to one of three charities.

For those turned off at the idea of wearing used clothing, Mint assures customers that they are getting high-quality and, in some cases, designer fashions.

?Everything here is in ?Mint? condition,? Henry promises.

Related information: Mint 253 Mill Street Byram, Connecticut 06830(203) 532-0200