NEW HAVEN - (AP) - The campaign manager for formerCongressman Christopher Shays has been sentenced to 37 months inprison for embezzling more than $250,000 in campaign funds fromShays. Michael Sohn, of Fairfield, apologized at his sentencingTuesday for what he called his "careless and reckless actions."He pleaded guilty in March to charges of tax evasion and illegallyconverting campaign contributions to his own personal accounts. Healso was ordered to pay restitution. Federal prosecutors said Sohn used the money to buy his fianceea $13,000 engagement ring and for other personal expenses. Sohn said in a recent court filing that he had a cocaine andmarijuana problem at the time of the thefts, but is now drug-free. He was Shays' campaign manager during Shays' failed 2008re-election bid.