NORWALK - A driver with a suspended license crashed into a Norwalk building early Saturday morning, displacing residents and destroying a convenience store on the building?s ground floor.

Police have not yet determined whether the 36-year-old driver was drunk, but officers who were on the scene said his speech was slurred and he had difficulty standing up straight. Norwalk?s assistant fire chief also said the sharp turn along Butler Street played a factor in the crash.

No one was hurt in the accident, but three people who live in the apartment above the store are being temporarily housed in motels by the Red Cross.

Jose Flores, the store?s owner, said he doesn?t know what he?ll do for income now, but he?s hoping the driver?s insurance company will pay for the damages. He also told News 12 Connecticut he would like speed bumps built along the road to force drivers to slow down.

Police: Man slams SUV into Norwalk bodega