BRIDGEPORT - The Bridgeport school teacher who was hit in the face with an ice ball earlier this year spoke to News 12 for the first time about the plea deal one of her students accepted for the attack.

A 15-year-old Central High School student accepted an 18-month sentence after striking geometry teacher Deborah Trumpower in her classroom with an ice ball made from snow in February.

Trumpower was taken to the hospital with a bloody eye and a concussion. The student was suspended and later expelled from the school.

The teacher told News 12 that she would have considered dropping the charges against the teen if he had apologized for the attack. The state's attorney says that arrangement could not be reached.

“If he apologized to me and I felt he was sincere, I would have said, ‘Okay, I accept your apology.’ But from what I understand, he doesn't want to apologize to me,” says Trumpower.

She says she is still experiencing pain in her face months after the attack.

“I'm hoping that the young man is rehabilitated. That he finds some sense of shame and he gains some honor,” Trumpower tells News 12.

The teen's grandmother has spoken to News 12 in the past about the attack, but offered no comment about the sentencing.