BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport woman appeared in court this afternoon to face murder charges for allegedly crushing the father of her child to death with her car.

Police arrested Cherelle Baldwin, 21, yesterday. They say she intentionally hit the gas pedal and pinned Jeffrey Brown, 24, between her car and a cinderblock wall last month.

Baldwin's family says she's a victim of domestic violence. The family says Brown had broken into her home, and that she was seeking shelter in the car when she struck him. Attorney Sam Kretzmer tried unsuccessfully to get bail lowered from $1 million by arguing that Baldwin was trying to fend off a deadly attack.

Police say the car accelerated for 100 feet before hitting Brown and that there were no signs she tried to brake. Officers do say, however, that they have answered domestic violence calls in the past when the two of them were living together.

Baldwin was in a wheelchair during her appearance due to a broken leg she suffered in the incident.

Baldwin's family says Brown's family has taken the former couple’s child and won't let the other family see him. Brown's family says they will go to court to prevent the mother from raising the boy.