STAMFORD - Officials at the Stamford Child Care Learning Center announced Tuesday that the infant-toddler program will be phased out after major cuts, affecting dozens of low-income families.

The program is expected to close its doors within several months, leaving some 40 children currently enrolled in the program with no place to go while their parents are at work.

?I feel they should have let us know long ago,? says Latoshia Chisholm, a parent. ?To say they just found out 30 days ago is hard to believe.?

Barbara Garvin-Kester, executive director of the leaning center, says while they cannot escape a huge deficit, they can try to help some low-income families.

?In January, we will be introducing a new private program that will have 16 slots,? Garvin-Kester says.

However, the new limited program will come with a price tag of $335 a week - a price few low-incomes families will be able to afford.

Officials also say a small number of teachers at the learning center could either lose their jobs or be placed in a different position as a result of the decision to close the infant-toddler program.