UNION - A special summer camp is offered annually in a rural part of Connecticut to provide comfort and fun to young burn victims.

The Children's Burn Camp provides a free week of camp to children who have suffered any kind of burn. It is hosted by the Connecticut Burns Care Foundation. Firefighters and nurses from Connecticut take a week off from work to volunteer there.

Children from all over the country come to the camp and spend a week playing with each other and having fun. Counselors say they have noticed the children encourage each other to push past the injuries that brought them there.

"When you are injured with burns, you have physical issues and you have emotional issues and this camp really focuses on emotional ones … where our motto is freedom to be a kid again," says Frank Svizos, the executive director of the Connecticut Burns Care Foundation. The Milford-based organization started the camp in 1991 to help children burn survivors move beyond their injuries.