MILFORD - A Milford man with close ties to Nigeria spoke with News 12 today about the recent kidnapping of more than 200 girls from a Nigerian school.

The Islamic terror group Boko Haram kidnapped the girls last month and has threatened to sell them into slavery.

Chukwudi Dikko came from Nigeria to southwestern Connecticut as an exchange student more than 25 years ago. He says he is concerned for his family who still lives in Nigeria. He is also concerned because he has daughter around 15 years old, so the kidnapping has hit close to home for him.

Dikko flies the Nigerian flag outside his house. He says he visits Nigeria a few times a year, and that he wants people to know that it is a country with a lot of potential.

Dikko says he thinks the kidnapping will be the turning point for Boko Haram and that the group will soon be defeated.