BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport city officials say time is running out on a plan to build a new school at the old GE site to replace Harding High School.

Mayor Bill Finch’s office says the board of education must approve a site plan this month in order for pre-construction to begin by this summer. However, members of the board tell News 12 they won't do that until there's a clean bill of health issued for the site by the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. They are concerned with potential chemical toxins left behind by GE.

The mayor’s office says that won't happen until the board approves a site plan. They say the plans on the table are safe and will not expose the students to any toxins.

A student at Harding High School says conditions at the current school are very poor.

“It's hard to pay attention when you see a rat run across the floor. It's hard to pay attention when the ceiling leaks," says Jequan Norris, a Harding High junior.

The GE site on Boston Avenue is around the corner from the current school.