FAIRFIELD - Some Fairfield Little League coaches are being called heroes after a man ran onto the field in flames during a practice at Tunxis Hill Park yesterday.

One of the coaches tells News 12 Connecticut they were in the outfield, heard an explosion and looked over to see an SUV on fire and a man running toward them covered in flames.

One coach and two of the players? fathers grabbed blankets and rushed to the man to help put out the flames on the victim, while the other coach says he took about 20 kids to the opposite end of the field.

The victim has been identified as Justin Hervey, 23, a junior at Fairfield University. He's currently in critical condition.

Both coaches say the boys are doing OK but were shaken up and that one of the teams may play Saturday's game on a different field upon advice of a school counselor.

Man catches fire at Fairfield Little League game