MILFORD - (AP) - The U.S. Coast Guard has suspended thesearch for a Chinese man who didn't return from a kayaking trip offthe Connecticut coast.

The Coast Guard says 33-year-old Fengquan Guan of Beijing was reported missing by a friend he was visiting in Milford. Guan left Milford at about 11 a.m. Sundayin a gray, double-seat kayak.

Coast Guard boat crews and rescuers from six local and stateagencies searched an area roughly the size of Rhode Island, with nosign of Guan or the kayak.

The Coast Guard says rescuers suspended the search Monday nightpending further developments. The agency cited the adverse effectsof chilly water and air temperatures on a person, rough sea andhigh wind conditions as well as inadequate clothing and personalprotective equipment worn by the missing kayaker.