FAIRFIELD - The Coast Guard is asking people to take important safety measures before going out to sea.

It comes just one day after three boating incidents off Penfield Beach in Fairfield left people in need of rescue by emergency responders and fellow boaters.

A video from a viewer shows a teenage boy stranded on a capsized catamaran. In another incident, officials say four kids in kayaks and on a paddleboard got swept out and had to be rescued as well. And in a third incident, News 12 is told a father and two children were in a sailboat that also overturned.

Officials say everyone involved in the three incidents is OK.

Coast Guard officials say that if you find yourself in a similar circumstance, it is important to act quickly. Try to make yourself as big and as visible as possible, stay calm, and send your distresses as effectively as you can.

Officials say 80 percent of boating-related deaths are drownings, and 80 percent of that number is attributed to not wearing a life jacket.