NORWALK - The attorney for a man who says four Norwalk police officers brutally beat him said Friday that he plans to sue them and the city for $10 million.

Cody Greene says many of his injuries were irreversible. Greene claims he has trouble speaking as a result of brain injuries he suffered two years ago.

The suit claims all four defendants, dressed in black, exited the vehicle and began questioning Greene because they thought he was selling marijuana.

Greene maintains that he ran out of fear. He claims police chased him and the beating followed.

Norwalk Police Chief Thomas Kulhawik told News 12 Connecticut that he hadn’t seen the lawsuit but was aware it would be filed. Kulhawik says he is confident the city’s attorney will successfully challenge the allegations.

Kulhawik also said that the four accused officers did nothing wrong and were exonerated after an internal investigation. David Orr, president of the police union, says the officers did what they were supposed to do according to law and department policy.