NORWALK - With frigid air from Canada sweeping across Connecticut and the Tri-State area, auto experts advise motorists to take steps in advance to protect their vehicles from the cold blast.

?Cars are a lot like people,? says Vinnie Sciaccitano, the owner of Accurate Auto in Norwalk. ?They come out in [the] morning, they don't want to start or get going in the cold.?

Sciaccitano says the best way to avoid car trouble in the cold weather is to keep up on regularly scheduled maintenance and to warm up the car for a few minutes before driving.

Sciaccitano also says it is important to regularly check tire pressure, as well as hoses and wires, which may become brittle in cold weather.

?You always get back what you give,? he says. ?Treat them nicely, they treat you well.?

Sciaccitano recommends drivers keep a can of de-icer handy in case the windshield or the locks freeze, and make sure the antifreeze is strong enough to handle sub-zero temperatures.