BRIDGEPORT - Detectives say all it takes to crack a cold case sometimes is a quick tip.

Bridgeport detectives were handed the files of the 1999 fatal stabbing of Henry Goforth three years after his death. Few leads developed from the information gathered during the original investigation at first. Authorities say when all hope was lost, an 18-year veteran of the force realized a broken knife found in a nearby dumpster matched the blade found inside Goforth.

Forensic evidence confirmed Norwalk resident James Thomas was responsible for the death. The 38-year-old was arrested and later admitted to the killing. He was given the maximum sentence of 60 years for his crime.

Other files in the investigators? hands remain unsolved. Those files include the 1993 death of Lisa D?astasio, who was stabbed 41 times, and the 2006 slaying of Dominque Edwards, a barber shot to death in his own barber shop.