STAMFORD - The weekend storm may have contributed to the collapse of a 3-foot sewer main in Stamford, sending sewage onto lawns and into at least one home.

The collapse happened along Soundview Avenue last night.

An environmental official who has been surveying the scene says roughly 40 million gallons of wastewater flooded out of the sewer and onto neighborhood streets.

Homeowner Tony Cologero says his bathtubs and sinks filled up with sewage water and then quickly started overflowing into his home.

Cologero and his family can no longer stay in their home due to health concerns. He says he is hoping to get financial help from the city.

Meanwhile, crews have been working around the clock to repair the damage. The wastewater was flooding into the streets for about 20 hours before they were able to contain it. Workers believe the break was caused by an obstruction in the pipe.