BRIDGEPORT - Community activists from the group ACORN rallied Thursday demanding the city put a stop sign in front of the Wilbur Cross School.

ACORN says since June, it has asked the City Council to place a stop sign near the school on Reservoir Avenue. With the school year beginning and still no stop sign, the group is now demanding something be done about the ?speedway? in front of the school.

?You know children cross the street, they don't look both ways, you want them to be able to come back and forth to school in a safe environment,? says ACORN member Ruth Walter.

City Council members say the problem is not exclusive to Reservoir Avenue. They say congestion caused by the buses in the morning is also part of the problem. A conversion of land to accommodate more buses may solve the speedway problem, according to Councilmen Warren Blunt.

No matter how it decides to fix the problem, the City Council has asked for the patience of Bridgeport residents.