BRIDGEPORT - A Bridgeport community is coming together to help a 10-year-old disabled boy whose portable wheelchair ramp was recently stolen.

Isaiah McLaughlin has a joint and muscle disorder called Arthrogryposis, which prevents him from ever being able to walk or move his arms. He depends on his $50,000 electric wheelchair for virtually everything.

At 450 pounds, the wheelchair itself can't go anywhere without a portable aluminum ramp. Family friend Kelly Mason says somebody stole Isaiah’s ramp a few weeks ago from outside the back of his house.

Isaiah was unable to attend school for a while until employees at Fairfield Motorworks volunteered to move the heavy wheelchair there using their flatbed truck. The focus now is on a huge volunteer effort to build the fourth-grader a new, permanent ramp that cannot be stolen.

The boy's family is asking for contributions to a special fund that's been set up to pay for the materials to build a new wheelchair ramp.