BRIDGEPORT - Elected officials and community leaders held an emergency public meeting Thursday night to address two recent shootings in the East End of Bridgeport.

Two victims were hospitalized on Aug. 3, as was another on Aug. 12. Both shootings took place on Stratford Avenue.

Members of the East End Neighborhood Revitalization Zone say they think most of the violence is due to a nearby store being open at all hours.

"We're not trying to run him out of business," says Lillian Wade. "What we are saying is, 'Close the door at a decent hour.'"

Officials and would-be officials have also pledged to take action against the violence.

Mayoral candidate Joe Ganim offered citizens and police the use of his campaign headquarters in the East End to support public safety.

Police say patrols have already stepped up in the area, and they plan to add even more from their Violent Crime Unit.