STAMFORD - A Stamford community is mourning the death of a man whose body was found Sunday after he went missing on Christmas Eve.

Police say the body of Paulino Mendoza, 24, was found at the docks of Cove Island Park, which is not far from where he was last seen. Friends had reportedly dropped Mendoza off on Avery Street after hanging out. The body was discovered in the same clothing that Mendoza had worn that night, police say.

Canines were used to track Mendoza, but police say they lost his scent at the park.

Community members sent out fliers and organized vigils while Mendoza was missing. Meanwhile, police said the family had conducted searches through woods and along beaches.

Police say they hope the discovery of the body helps Mendoza's family find closure. A community member who spoke with Mendoza's family tells News 12 that while they are saddened by his passing, they are relieved that police found his body.

Autopsy results and toxicology reports have not yet been released, although police say Mendoza had been drinking the night of his disappearance.