STAMFORD - Community members came together in Stamford Wednesday night for a forum about reopening a community center.

Board members say the Yerwood Center hasn't offered programs in nearly a year, since it's in serious financial trouble.

Dozens of people met with board members in front of the building. The utilities in the building were shut off about three weeks ago.

Attendees talked about fundraising and why they want the center to reopen.

Board members say they need to raise about $200,000 for that to happen. They asked the community for help.

They say they raised more than $3,000 Wednesday night, exceeding their goal of $2,000.

Board members say there are also 40 building safety violations inside the building that need to be fixed before the center can reopen.

Those who have used the center in the past say it's an important part of the community, and they're hopeful that it will serve the community again.